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Shamanic Trance Dance Tribe
Zelia Pye

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About Me

I became consciously aware of the shift that is taking place on our planet when I was 22, at that time I was living in a cave in the Himalayas, and was handed the opportunity to awaken, it was as if I was lifted up by the hand of Great Spirit, 

It was a moment that changed everything, life could not be the same again, because I was not the same, I experienced a spiritual intelligence that showed me the truth of who I am, and the truth about the world, and what was coming, 

I was told that I would need to cultivate patience, courage, intuition and faith, and was given the opportunity to make a commitment  to the Great Creator Spirit, to share what I was given, no matter what inner fears or challenges lay in my path.

So many questions arose, how? when? where? who?

My mind creating obstacles as I felt afraid of the light of my own soul, and the responsibility of shining that light and what others may think. I was reassured when I found it difficult to believe in myself that I would be guided forever forward.

Sure enough many synchronicity’s took place, in ways I could never have imagined, my intuition helping me to be in the right place at the right time, to meet the right person, to receive the next message, that I needed on my mystery path of self discovery.

It was on one of these synchronistic  days in my 27th year that I was handed a book called ‘Trance Dance’ ‘ the dance of life’ written by Frank Natalie, as I read the book my heart began to race and my spirit vibrate with all that was written on the pages, all aligning with what I had been shown and experienced during my awakening.

A deep knowing came from within, I realised I had to act, because I knew that this information was of great value to humanity and the awakening process. 

Once again I had to put my fears of being seen to one side, and step forward, the wisdom of my soul gave me no choice.

For the desire to dance into trance to remember, heal, transform, realise and to be one with spirit, to experience directly the love of the creative spirit that flows through all things including myself, lit a fire within my heart that was so strong ! That fire was fuelled by my love for humanity, my love of our beautiful planet Earth, my love of our spiritual potential, my love of self realisation,  my love of peace.

So I stepped forward.... Trained with the Trance Dance Institute ...and became a Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian…

That was 18 years ago now….

I look back over these 18 years and feel deeply humbled by the awakenings, transformations, deep healings and self realisations that I have witnessed within the people who have participated in the many shamanic trance dance rituals that I have held.

This work has profoundly nurtured me and many others from the inside out, giving us the tools to navigate our lives, express creativity and live our dreams and visions. 

Great Spirit compels me to create a movement for the people, led by the people, a movement that invites us to ‘Dance’ and remember. 

A movement that Invites us to journey within and realise everything we need.

Because it’s all inside!

Why It's a Supper Idea to Join Me

‘Shamanic Trance Dance Is The Shamanism for Our Time, With Ancient Roots and a Modern Twist!'

Our ancient ancestors from many cultures loved to dance, they danced for the sun, the moon, the Earth, for the rain, they danced for wisdom, for visions, they danced for many things and made it a sacred ritual that put them in direct connection with the Great Creator Spirit. Dance empowered the whole community and brought the people together.

This is an invitation to allow Spirit to create synchronicity's for you … 

Dance With Us …. And Reveal The Treasures of your Body Wisdom & Spirit Intelligence!

The essence of Shamanic Trance Dance is all about Evolution of the Soul.. So with this in heart and mind, we thought it would be a supper fantastic idea to also create a Community Evolution!!

We know many people who love Shamanic Trance Dancing, however they are spread far and wide around the world, some in small community's and some who are isolated, so we thought it would be supper fantastic to connect everyone together in one place, where we can meet like minded people and share our Shamanic Trance Dance stories, insights, realisations and thought provoking messages received during our Shamanic Trance Dances.

I have had the privilege over the years of hearing many accounts of Shamanic Trance Dance experiences that are so inspiring.

This Is Your Chance To Inspire And Be Inspired!!!!

 When we share we grow!

I believe creating this space for you to share your Shamanic Trance Dance experiences adds an extra beneficial element for your processing and integration.

 At the same time everyone in our tribe will really benefit from meaningful connection and become even richer in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. A WIN FOR ALL!

‘Shamanic Trance Dance Supports Our Earth Walk, Enabling Us To  ‘See’ Who We Are, Where We Are Going, and Who We Are Becoming!’


I am so looking forward to sharing this undeniably Delicious Dance with you.... 

A Big Thank You!!

Heart felt gratitude for Joining me and other like minded souls who are awakening, remembering, transforming and reaping the rewards of Shamanic Trance Dancing.

By coming together and sharing our Shamanic Trance Dance experiences, and wisdom gained from participating in this profound dance, we can create a supper conscious world wide community. Together we can raise the vibration, share the magic and create a community more magnificent than any of us can possibly imagine. 

In the Spirit of Love


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